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Current Residence: 黒主学園、月の寮
Favourite style of art: Too many to list. XD;
Favourite cartoon character: Kaname, Yuuki, Zero + Saga, Kanon


Journal Entry: Sat Apr 21, 2012, 1:11 PM



Kaname and Zero touching hands on the cover, wooooo~~! 8D~ *FANGIRLY DELIGHT*

I posted a HUGE HQ version of the cover in my LJ, if you want it. :D

I'll be back to post on my LJ a commentary/ramblings/fangirling/etc. later when I have a moment. :D

Older news & rambly thingies from my journal:

Vampire Knight adoptable chibi characters!♥

I kept seeing various comment people leave about hating this or that pairing etc., on other people's artwork (it wasn't on my page, but I came across it while looking for VK fanarts), and it seemed depressing and pointless since it only discourages the fanartists and drags people into pairing fights etc. and then other people looking at the page will also have their fandom enjoyment diminished by that...

Fandom is something to be enjoyed, and pairing wars are always so sad and negative...

So as a result, I was feeling in the urge to make something fandom-related that might be happy and positive, and decided to make adoptable chibies from my Halloween VK picture. :D

So if you'd like to adopt a chibi to decorate your page, journal, profile, anything, you can take them and use them as you please. :D
(The only condition is that they can't be used for anything bashing related, and, of course, you can't claim you made them yourself as that would be art-theft. ^^;  Please credit if you use them anywhere. ♥ )

:iconexcitedlaplz: Happy Halloween, everybody!! :iconexcitedlaplz:

You can use them for whatever you like, if it's not bashing. Enjoy~! :D

Individual versions, if you want only one of them:

And here's also some pairing versions:

Their dances are slightly different because their arms weren't all at the same height. XD

Zero x Kaname & switching around Z&K. ♥

Again, whether you take one, two or three, or the pairings, please don't bash any of them or use them for anything unpleasant for anyone. T_T
I make those fanarts and little animations etc. with love for the fandom and characters, they are meant to be enjoyed and used in fun activities, not in anything unpleasant or negative in any way.

A happy and positive fandom is so much more enjoyable than one where there are pairing wars and character bashing etc. T_T There's enough negativity in the world, fandom is meant for happy fun and enjoyable moments. ♥


Scanned from LaLa magazine:

The New Year teaser image for Vampire Knight is MIND BLOWING!! *_____*

I think this is maybe my favorite images of the trio EVER. T___T Or at least one of my favorites. It's SO RARE for them to actually look happy, to be together ALL THREE smiling!! And no fighting, no sad looks, no pushing one or the other away... just together, happy, safe, having Yuuki nicely between them/in their arms, everything so perfect and happy.... I want this for them so much!! T_____T

The powerful meaning behind what they are doing in the pic, considering the Japanese tradition is also so wonderful. T^T

The things in the tree branches here look like ribbons (possibly for the pretty effect, and to stay in with the European imagery of the series rather than look more paper-like), but this is the teaser pic for LaLa New Year issue (the January issue is New Year issue in Japan, and comes out in November, because Japanese magazines are like that XD; )

In Japan, there's the tradition of the first temple visit of the New Year, the Hatsumoude, when you go out in the cold wearing pretty clothes (well, especially the girls, usually kimono stuff), visit the temple, pray for the New Year etc., and get your fortunes, if you're into that. (It's written on a paper thingie, which you can tie).

If your fortune predicts bad fate for you, you take it and tie it to the tree branches to ward off the tragedy from your path... EXACTLY like they are doing in that image.

All three of them, smiling happily standing together, tying to the tree the tragedies that fate has laid on their path... OMG. T^T *is so moved by that pic*

This image is my ideal VK ending. I wish the series can end as beautiful and hopeful as this pic is, with the three of them smiling, close to each other, happy, tying away the tragedies of their lives and starting anew, finally safe and happy.... T___T

OHGODINEEDFANFICTIONABOUTTHISMORETHANINEEDTOBREATHE. T_____T (Although if the happy ending happens in canon it's so much better, but meanwhile I'd love it if there was so much fanfiction with them.... T^T)

As soon as I have enough time, you can expect me to fanart this stuff like there's no tomorrow. XD XD


Previously, on SGK's journal...:

I made myself a tumblr. It's just because whenever I post in my LJ I end up making long-ish posts, which makes that lately I don't get as much time to post as I'd like to. ;_;
LJ is my main blog, but I figured I might make a tumblr and use it a bit like a twitter account for random mini-ramblings or sketches. ^^/

My LJ still continues to be my main blog where I post all my stuff. ^^/
The tumblr is just a little extra twitter-like thingie for quick mini-updates in between making my posts on LJ. :D (I was going to post the little icons in there but it was down today. XD; )

I'm still playing around with it through, I don't know if I'll keep the tumblr or eventually close it, since I might end up not using it after a while. ^^;
In any case, if you have a tumblr too, or if you feel like checking mine out sometime, here's the address:

And here's also the link to my LJ, in case you are new. :D
SGK's yaoi-infested Vampire Knight fangirling blog. XD;



I was away from fandom for quite a while due to extreme lack of time but I'm finally back!! :D
(As of September 2011. Hopefully my lack of time won't swallow me away from fandom again. ^^; )

Augh, when I posted this entry it automatically removed my custom journal skin with Zero. O_o *has to figure out why*

Meanwhile, here are sneak peeks of the Vampire Knight fan-game I'm currently slowly making:

Zero route:

Kaname route:

More info about it all in my blog post on my LJ:…

I didn't get time yet to go through all my notes or really take a look around here much yet, but will happily do it as soon as I get the chance. :D

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  • Listening to: The Romanovs (AMAZING yaoi VK mind images XD)
  • Reading: VK<3
  • Watching: VK & VKG
  • Playing: VK DS game
  • Eating: VK moe. 8D *lol*
  • Drinking: Bloo- err, juice. XD

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